Rubber Lining
Our Rubber Lining Services offer cost-effective and durable lining solutions in both Natural and Nitrile rubbers. Our specialized rubber linings are designed for equipment and products where corrosive and abrasive protection are of utmost importance. With our experience and expertise we can help you protect your pipes, tanks and other metal fabricated applications.
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Acid Proof Bricks
Our acid-resistant brick linings protect equipment in processing plants from chemical attack by aggressive media, such as acids, bases, saline solutions or water vapour. They simultaneously offer reliable protection against mechanical stresses. Even for extremely stressed equipment, Mexor has a suitable solution, using a combination lining composed of a membrane and acid-resistant brick lining.
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Concrete flooring System
The latest in concrete flooring technology is the design and pouring of Mexor. An engineered concrete with a high saturation of steel fibres is used to create a tough composite material, used in accordance with total quality management systems, in order to produce seamless floors that are more durable, tougher and leaner.
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MEXOR is an innovative engineering products and services company in the field of corrosion resistance, refractories and industrial floor solutions for the mineral processing industries.

We strive on unique engineered solutions such as high performance & energy efficient product range and design engineering services to save our Client’s money.