MEXOR has the capability to become your integrated Corrosion Protection partner.

Solutions we offer

Engineering Design and Technical Services

Engineering Design & Technical Services

We are associated with various consultants, process designers and OEM’s for mineral processing (copper & cobalt plants, etc.) and chemical plants (sulfuric acid, etc.) and can therefore successfully design lining specifications and customize products based on the process parameters. We make design and installation drawings and undertake supervision for installation of jobs at site.

Expertise Areas:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Coating / Painting
  • Material Conveying
  • Fluid / Solid Handling
  • Material Reclamation

Installation & Turnkey Projects

  • MEXOR take up installation jobs as per the specifications
  • MEXOR have a contract team with applicators, who are well experienced in the field of corrosion engineering. We can mobilize manpower and supervisors for inspection, installation and supervision
  • Equipment installation and supervision
  • Equipment servicing
  • Inspection and Monitoring
  • Application management
Installation and Turnkey Projects
Corrosion audits

Corrosion audits

Corrosion is the enemy not an industry. We at Mexor are able to remove the non-visible causes of coating failures and prevent corrosion even in the most corrosive environment.

  • Complete diagnosis of assets and infrastructures
  • Estimation and product selection

Maintenance solution

  • Curative and preventive use of acid resistant bricks and tiles lining
  • Chemical / corrosion resistant coatings