MEXOR is an innovative engineering products and services company in the field of corrosion resistance, refractories and industrial floor solutions for the mineral processing industries.

Products we offer

We strive on unique engineered solutions such as high performance & energy efficient product range and design engineering services.

We supply and install Acid Resistant bricks & tiles manufactured as per ASTM/DIN standards for masonry constructions and floorings subject to acid/Alkali/Chemical attack, and fixing chemicals as per requirement. E.g. Acid Storage/Reaction Tanks, Drains, Pickling Areas, Demineralization Plants, Towers, Drying Towers, etc.

We supply acid alkali resistant bricks in various shapes, sizes and thickness. Our standard thicknesses are 25mm, 40mm and 75mm but other thickness are manufactured as per request.

The acid resistant tiles come in a range of standard sizes 200×100, 200×200 & 300x300mm and thicknesses from ranging from 8-25mm. Our acid proof tiles have a very strong body with a flexural strength of 38 N/mm2, solid through color fade proof with a very hard surface Mohs hardness of 7.

The cements or mortars used are depending on the chemical condition and temperature up to its specific limitations.

MEXOR offers a range of surface protection through Rubber Lining solutions as an integral part of corrosion resistant liners in DM plants, Acid Plants, Reactors, Wastewater Treatment, backup lining for acid resistant bricks & tiles, and many other applications.

The rubber lining can be applied as either unvulcanised material which is then vulcanised and hot bonded usually in a steam autoclave; or as prevulcanised material which is cold bonded using two part adhesives.

MEXOR supply and install advanced refractory coatings to increase efficiency and save energy costs.

Concrete Floor system

We offer specialized semi-dry concrete flooring – Eco-friendly, hydraulic, normal-setting, rapid-drying mineral binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs, ideal for use of industrial floors.

Industrial Flooring applies to both residential and commercial areas such as factories, stadiums, chemical plants and warehouses where you need high-performance durability. Industrial Flooring is applied with specialised equipment for heavy traffic and high-performance industries offering high chemical, slip and thermal resistance as well as hygiene properties.

Our Industrial Flooring range has been designed to perform in the most demanding areas. Industrial Flooring includes various products and finishes such as Polyurethane and Grind and Polish.

Coatings and advanced material

Throughout the world, within the most technologically advanced industries, Mexor adds layers of innovation to ensure the highest performance in engineered coated fabrics. Our engineered solutions are built on technical and industry know-how, delivered by experienced teams across a proven and efficient process methodology. With every angle covered, we go further to engineer customized and innovative coating solutions that improve the performance of industry innovations and accelerate our customer’s business.